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Back to the block 

As a musician myself, working on this project was incredible inspiring and motivating. Our client, 1800 Tequila partnered with Billboard to take four urban music icons back to the place where it all began, their hometowns. I worked closely with Billboard to manage the project plan development and execution. 

The "Back to the Block" campaign went on to win Digiday's Best Brand Video Destination/Channel.

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1800 Tequila behind the beats  

"Refined from the Raw" is the defining motto which encompasses the 1800 Tequila campaign. Bold, raw, and unapologetic for their style. Weaving this idea into music, we were able to team up with the most influential producers of LA, Chicago, and New York and see how "Refined from the Raw" paralleled their own paths. Our teams were able to capture a pretty awesome video campaign to support the 1800 message and campaign.

1904 FC, San Diego

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1904 fc hangout

Demba Ba, a world-famous soccer star and majority owner of 1904 FC, came to visit San Diego in October to connect with the community he would bring a professional soccer team.

Throughout the week, I organized events across the county to integrate Demba with the local community. For our grand finale, we hosted a "Hangout Event" open to the public with three 1904 FC owners on a Q&A panel. It was a huge success with positive fan feedback, relaxing atmosphere, and attendance numbers reaching more than double our expectations!


Tyrsa Mural

One of the most bizarre projects I worked on required me to hang a 12x18 ft canvas upright for famous typographist, Tyrsa. In one day, I managed to build a 14x20 ft canvas frame out of lumber from Home Depot and suspend the canvas for Tyrsa to create his beautiful artwork!

This project alone sparked my confidence in trying new projects and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.